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Loss Control

At QEO, we appreciate that every business is unique and has its own way of managing its operations. For this reason, the first step in assisting our valued policy holders with managing their business risks involves performing a thorough risk assessment of their operations.

A few examples of the services the Loss Control Representative provides at this initial stage include:

  • Conducting an on-site meeting at the insured’s location.
  • Reviewing previous loss analysis (if any) to understand what characteristics may be having a negative impact.
  • Identifying the business’ risk exposures and offering recommendations to minimize both known and potential adverse hazards.
  • Discussing the importance of what to do when an accident occurs and the positive impact of immediate claim reporting.
  • Providing Accident Kits, offering training on accident reporting, supplying pertinent safety materials, and sharing industry related experiences that are pertinent to the insured’s specific trade or commerce.

After the meeting, QEO’s Loss Control Representative provides a loss prevention summary. The narrative will outline the shared dialogue and offer relevant safety contributions that supports the insured’s continued business success.

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