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As a business owner, no one appreciates more than you do how important it is to manage adverse risk exposures, and to have a sound Loss Control strategy in place. Unforeseen losses and accidents can directly impact your bottom line in the form of higher insurance premiums, claims costs and out-of-pocket expenses; higher employee absenteeism from work related accidents; lower productivity and possibly revenue loss with vehicles temporarily out of service, or any other number of unanticipated costs or risks that could negatively impact your business. Lowering both your loss frequency and loss severity positively impacts your business by lowering your cost of risk.

QEO understands the driving hazards that continuously challenge our customers. Our Loss Control Representatives meet with every insured – irrespective of their business size – to discuss trade specific safety programs and techniques. These measures support our customers’ successful business operations and help create a conscientious working environment.

Sharing our experiences within our customers’ industry is critical so that targeted training may be impactful for their organization. Our vehicle and driver safety specialists consult with the insured about the importance of immediately reporting a loss, and provide step-by-step instruction from the “QEO Accident Kit” procedures.