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  1. First check everyone for injuries. 
  2. Call 9-1-1 to report any injuries as well as notifying the police if the accident involves another person, vehicle or property damage. Even though the police may not always dispatch an officer to the scene, it is important to notify the department of potential safety and traffic issues.
  3. Follow 9-1-1 operator’s instructions.
  4. Activate hazard lights. Stay at the scene in a safe place to collect information and do not discuss the specifics of the accident with anyone except the authorities.
  5. Contact QEO at your first opportunity at 844.736.0009.
  6. Collect accident information
    1. Photo/Video/Audio Examples:
      • Accident Scene – Vehicle positions, location identifiers (intersection, street name, address, exit or mile marker), road conditions, debris, skid marks
      • Damage to the other vehicles or property   
      • Other party identification – license plate, insurance card, driver’s license
      • Witness information
      • Any other relevant accident related feature
    2. Written Documentation Examples
      • Name, phone numbers, residential zip code and e-mail addresses of all potential witnesses.
      • Location of accident (intersection, street address, exit or mile marker)
      • Other vehicle driver’s insurance company name and policy number
      • Diagram of the accident scene
      • Any other relevant accident related item

Remember it is always in your best interest to act in a civil manner and utilize respectful judgment when exchanging accident information with other parties involved in an accident.